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About Me

Being real is an important quality to me. Whether it be in personal relationships, professional relationships, or even in the training I create and provide to my clients. It needs to be real . Real-life situations, real-life problems, challenges, and wins.

Hard work is a key ingredient to any success. In the past six months, I have worked harder than ever to up-skill and transfer old skills into a new arena. If you are looking for someone to join your team who is a go-getter, and a proactive problem solver, I want to talk to you!

Honesty and communication are key in any relationship and it definitely holds true when working with a variety of personalities on any instructional design team. I enjoy collaborating with learners, SMEs, and other stakeholders to gain valuable perspectives as we create your ideal learning solutions together.

I love designing courses that are interactive, relevant, and engaging to learners. Learning is exciting, so training experiences should be exciting too!

I have a passion for digging into learners' current performance and identifying training needs. Where are they currently performing? Where do they need to go? How can we get them there? My ultimate desire is to build the proficiency and skill of learners so they can go forth to confidently rise to meet and surpass organizational goals.

When I'm not designing, you will most often find me outside with my family. We love trips to visit new parks or riding bikes around the neighborhood!

Why Harvest?

The name Harvest came from the desire to do just that. Harvest the potential within learners. "Harvest" can be defined as "the act or process of gathering in a ripened crop". Within your organization, you have people who are ripe for harvesting. They have the talent, skill, motivation, and ambition to rise.

I aim to create learning experiences that harvest the potential in people both professionally and personally. When someone is equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their role, as well as confidence in themselves, their worth, and their ability, they can reach amazing heights.

Fulfilled people are happy people. They are hard workers, innovators, collaborators, and goal crushers. Let's work together to create learning solutions that harvest the potential in your organization.