Electrical Safety

Tool: Articulate Storyline 360

Audience: New employees or annual update

Objective: Healthcare company aims to mitigate unsafe handling of electrical medical equipment. This course serves as onboarding training to train employees on safety procedures and standards as they relate to electrical healthcare equipment.

Special Features: Motivational gamification, flashcards, accordion interaction, procedural application, hotspots

Radiography Exam Technique

Tool: Articulate Rise 360

Audience: New veterinary assistants and technicians

Objective: Ensure all veterinary assistant staff safely and effectively perform radiology exams for patients, as part of their regular duties. After this training, all veterinary assistants and technicians will be able to perform radiology exams effectively during on-the-job training.

Special Features: Systems training by video, tabs, carosel, flashcard grid

Customer Centricity

Tool: Articulate Storyline 360

Audience: All employees in various positions and experience levels

Varying levels of technology skills

Objective: Company X aims to increase customer satisfaction by amending business practices to focus on customer-centricity. Their goal is to increase customer satisfaction and retention by 10% over the next year by implementing customer-centric practices.

Special Features: Branching scenarios, motivational gamification